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Our Values

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CSL Values
Social Justice
At the CSL, we believe leadership is not simply about managing the world as it is, but envisioning what it might be. We recognize that we inhabit a deeply imperfect world in which many people are oppressed and we work to support our students in becoming agents of positive social change.
The CSL is committed to the idea that truly transformational leadership is possible when it is aligned with students’ core values and when it comes from the strength to be honest about who we are, what we believe, and what we want the world to be.
At the CSL we believe that when we face our pain we begin to heal, when we are open about our faults, we begin to grow, when we name our fears, we begin to overcome them. And in having the courage to be vulnerable, we give others space to do the same.
The CSL values mentorship, particularly peer mentorship, as a powerful tool for personal and interpersonal support and development, and for cultural and social change.
Leadership calls for innovative problem solving, so the CSL is dedicated to helping students find new ways to approach their work as leaders on this campus and beyond.
We at the CSL have the utmost faith in the brilliance of students and center the empowerment of students and student voices at the core of everything we do.
Connection means multiple things at the CSL. First, it means recognizing and fostering the many ways in which we are deeply connected to each other in community at UCI and in the world beyond. It also means helping students to connect their brilliance to opportunities across the campus.
Social Responsibility
The CSL is dedicated to socially responsible leadership. As leaders, we are called to be stewards of our world and to lead in ways that respect and preserve our planet and enhance our social communities.

Center for Student Leadership

The Center for Student Leadership is the central hub of student leadership at UCI. The CSL has been designed to support student leadership programming across the campus by serving as a connection point between students seeking opportunities to develop and apply leadership skills and faculty and staff who oversee leadership and development opportunities. The CSL is committed to supporting every student on their leadership journey from orientation through graduation.


The mission of the Center for Student Leadership (CSL) is to provide all UCI students with the necessary skills and opportunities to engage the campus and the broader world as authentic and transformational leaders. The CSL serves as a hub for student leadership by connecting students with opportunities to develop as leaders and practically apply their leadership skills throughout the university. The CSL is firmly rooted in the value of social justice and trains students not to simply manage the world as it is, but to envision what it might be and boldly pursue positive social and institutional change both on campus and beyond. This deep engagement with the transformative power of leadership begins with orientation and continues through graduation.